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The Staff of Grenadines Dive Rescue
a Thirty-Five Foot Bryde Whale

At about 10:30 AM on Saturday, the 29th of August 2009, a Bryde whale, approximately thirty-five (35) feet in length, was rescued off a shallow beach at Frigate Rock. The trapped whale had been sighted by some yachtees who called Grenadines Dive. The dive shop staff arrived on the scene within minutes of the radio call to offer aid. With assistance from the Sidiki, a privately chartered yacht anchored in the area, the Grenadines Dive staff members, Jeremiah Forde and Jerome Lewis, tied a rope to the tail of the whale and pulled it out to sea from amongst the stones that trapped it, using the dive boat. The process only took about five minutes. Once the whale was moved to a comfortable depth of 15-20 ft of water, the rope was released and the whale swam like a lightening bolt into the deep ocean. The whale was very strong and suffered only minor bruises and a scratch about its upper body from the shallow reef and rocks, due to the swift actions on the part of Grenadines Dive and their staff.

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